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The most advanced Selenium package ever. Learn from the one of the foremost experts in implementing Selenium. Take your skills into the 21st century and make the testing work for you.

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Why this book?

Why make your day hard

Clean Code

Everyone talks about having a clean code base and you should have one as well. The patterns and implementations have been tested at numerous companies. No theory talk at all.
Comprehensive Topics

Testing more than the UI

Selenium is awesome. Using it in conjunction with other tools will make you indispensable within your company.
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Get started fast

More than just code examples. Follow along with in-depth explanation videos and be able to copy and paste from the videos themselves. Go ahead and copy and paste from the video player.

Who will benefit from it?

Everyone who works in the quaility engineering will get benefit but some will be able to get more out of it.


A great starting point for any of your projects. Start your journey with best practices in place.


Level up your skills and make your day easier. Get more done during your day and impress your boss.


A great starting point for your web application. Focus on your idea and execution.

What are some of the topics

Below is a short list of the topics, more great topics will be added as time goes on.

Future-Proof 1

Constantly updated to use the best practices and the latest packages. Some new tools will make your day easier, some will be a hinderance in the near future. Know the difference before going down the wrong path.

Helper Classes 2

Make your own test suites easier to maintain and extend. Your developers improve and add to the product faster than you can test it already, this will show you how to close that gap and make them wonder how are you doing testing faster than them.

Continuous Integration 3

Implement all of the topics into your build pipeline. There is no point in showing off cool stuff if there are a lot of manual steps that you need to do to get the most out of it. This bundle is going to show you how to setup everything for CI so you should not experience errors.

Performance Testing 4

Do performance testing and monitoring with your existing tests. Not only can you do this easily, but you can do it quite effectively as well. Without the need to learn a whole new skill set.

Security Testing 5

The first security breach was shocking, now they are almost commonplace. Learn not just how to do security testing, but how to think outside the box and prevent your company from being front page news.

And More 6

More will be added as the state of automation changes. Computers are constantly improving and so should your quality analysis. Not only is there sections on what the new and upcoming tools that are coming out but how to leverage them the best.

How much does it cost?

There are three different bundles that will level up your skills. Pick the best one that will help you out the most.

Gold Bundle

$ 600
  • Everything in the Silver Package
  • CI Setup Guide
  • Bonus: Get The Raise You Deserve EBook - Value $50
  • Bonus: Private lifetime Group Chat - Value $100

Silver Bundle

$ 350
  • Everything in the Bronze Package
  • Step-by-Step Videos
  • Bonus: Write Less Code Cheat Sheet - Value $30

Bronze Bundle

$ 150
  • Always Updated Online Book
  • Code Repo with Build Status

Enterprise Bundle

  • 5 licenses for the price of 4

Enterprise Bundle

$ 2400
  • 5 licenses for the price of 4 licenses
  • Everything in the Gold Bundle