Constantly updated to use the best practices and the latest packages. As this is an online book it will constantly be updated as the automation field changes and grow.

Helper Classes

Make your own test suites easier to maintain and extend. Using page objects is a great first step to making your test suite maintainable, that is just the first step. There are a slew of other programming patterns that you can apply to your suite making it more robust and even easier to maintain.

Continuous Integration

Implement all of the topics into your build pipeline. If we still have to click on the start button that is still more manual steps than what you need. Your test suite and build pipeline should act like the most proactive member on your team.

Performance Testing

Do performance testing and monitoring with your existing tests. Test automation does not start and end with user interface testing so neither will this book.

Security Testing

Prevent your company from being a headline story with security issues. Security testing is interesting for some people, and I am not one of those. That being said it is nessesary in this day and age to be more proactive in security therefor since it is nessesary it should be talked about.

And More

More will be added as the state of automation changes. With artifical intelligence coming in to the test automation landscape you may be wondering:

Am I going to become irrelevant?

Good news is that you not be replaced by AI, but you will actually be able to do more with artifical intelligence helping you out.